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Seok Cho, Ph.D.bio_cho
President and CEO, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company
President, World Association of Nuclear Operators

Dr. Seok Cho has been the President and CEO of Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company since 2013. He also was elected as the President of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) in 2015.

Upon passing the Korean national examination for Higher Civil Service in 1981, Dr. Cho commenced his career in government as the Assistant Secretary to the President for Foreign Affairs and National Security, and entered the energy sector after being appointed Director General of the Nuclear Power Industry Bureau, Energy and Resources Policy, Industry and Knowledge Economy, respectively. Subsequently, Dr. Cho advanced to the position of Vice Minister for Trade and Energy in the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (currently Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy).

With his extensive background in the energy and trade sectors, Dr. Cho has dedicated his efforts to the development of Korea’s nuclear power industry in the aspect of safety and reliability as well as international cooperation.

Dr Cho’s contribution to public service has been recognized through the Order of Service Merit (Green in 2000 and Red in 2006), awarded by the President of Korea for outstanding and meritorious service in the execution of his duties.

Educated in International Relations at Seoul National University in Korea, Dr. Cho acquired a Master’s degree in Economics from Missouri State University, as well as a Ph.D. in Economics from Kyung Hee University in Korea.