Bios of Spokespeople

Jack Edlow

Chairman, NIS 2016 International Board of Advisorsbio_edlow

President, Edlow International

Jack Edlow is President of Edlow International Company (EIC) and Managing Director of Edlow International Australia Pty. Limited.

Mr. Edlow is one of the premier experts in the field of transport logistics of radioactive materials, with nearly 50 years of experience in the management and warehousing of nuclear materials, providing logistic support services for nuclear fuel suppliers and users worldwide.

Mr. Edlow was appointed to the Department of Commerce Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Commission in 2010 and currently serves as Chairman. He also serves as Chairman for the Trade Advisory Commission on Africa for USTR.

Mr. Edlow has served on numerous boards including World Nuclear Association and the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council. He also has served as Chairman of the IAEA Steering Group on Shipment Denial. Mr. Edlow served as a Director of Nu Energy Uranium Corporation since 2006 and the Nuclear Energy Institute since 2012.

Mr. Edlow regularly speaks at industry events and lectures at the World Nuclear University and was actively involved in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 Nuclear Security Summit events.

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